floir 11 1965


Three days after the goblins join up, the group is presented with a scroll delivered by the mayor’s herald, who then promptly left.
The scroll contained a map to a cave and instructions that they are looking for something to aid in the war against the elementalss. The item will be known when found, and the group promptly heads out to find it.
Upon approaching the cave, vegetation and wildlife become dead or non existent as the opening sits ominously at the bottom of a sheer cliff. The cave inside lasted a couple hundred feet to a door, which opened up to a cave containing very old living quarters. Even the wolf couldn’t’t smell any life nearby or recent. Upon examination of the bookshelves, Xer’Ciah Niolos III discovered an opening that spiraled about three miles into the ground before finally opening up to a room containing an altar lit up by unknown means. The entire place was dripping in magic and it was decided some research into the magical books should shed some light on how to proceed. After spending the night researching the books, they carefully performed the ritual, producing many skeleton guardians, to which the group layed the smackdown to. Once they were dealt with, a black flame appeared above the altar, and the group brought the flame back to the mayor.
The next day, the mayor called the group together again, this time in the company of a mysterious wizard. The wizard explains about the lost dwarven tribe of Atef, and how they are the only ones capable of creating an eight inch diameter forged iron tube that will become necessary. The contact they are looking for is Baluch the dwarf, located on the northern shore of the northernmost lake of Atef, and the wizard also warned them not to drink the ale. The tube would take two days to forge, and in the meantime, the dwarves offer up hospitality they had not offered in centuries, but only out of respect for the wizard.



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