7 Mos 1019

After teleporting to the port town of Maggini to begin the protection watch, Quinndo Boppins did some light shopping. dissappointed by the lack of magical items in town, further dissappointed by the news of the town’s resident wizard having died recently and all his goods repossessed by the giovernment or under guard.
They had run into the main shipman of the ws wizgift, where quinndo gave instructions to buy the materials needed to make molotov cocktails, and plans to meet that evening. A few drinks later, the group went to the Wizgift, only to find out most of the neccessary items were not in stock. In the meantime, they sailed for a day doing some fishing. When they returned to port, they find the town of Maggini torn apart and desolate.
After a futile search for surivors or refugees, they decide to go to amprgens to find the orcs and make them accountable somehow. Once they land and stakeout the town, its plain enough to see the orcs were looking to move out en masse. After learning this, it was decided they would put together a trap comprised of a log that would swing down, taking out as many orcs as possible. after all, orcs must die.
Once the Orc troupe came along, the trap worked exactly as expected, taking out quite a few, leaving a dozen for the crew to deal with. Battered, bruised, and in one case, unconcious, (Harran) they stood victorious.
After relieving the recently passed orcs of their belongings and all the stuff in their carriage (full of all typical army needs) they reset the trap with a trip line and headed off to find a camp about a half mile south of the road.



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