floir 16 1965

With the tube complete, Baluch the dwarf sent the party on their way, with a message for the wizard: “now we’re even.” They followed the map to the Atef mountaintop where they emerged from the portal created by the wizard, and when the portal scroll was read, the blue doorway appeared. The first several to go through it found themselves in some bizzarre plane consisting of a large rectangle floating in space encompassed by torches and foreign flags. It seemed they were to participate in a tournament, and the fire elementals came and fought them through several rounds; then, as sudden as they appeared, they dissappeared, and found themselves on the same mountaintop they left, only in the shadow realm.
There they found (matt), a traveler who had found himself trapped in the shadow realm, and the group brought him along. When the map was once again consulted, it was discovered they were on a different quest, this time for some rings to fit over the tube Baluch and company created. On the map was “Flans Refinery” and an “x” over the island of mons mount.
On their way to the northern city of Styin, they encountered a group of hill giants, who proceeded to beat the crap out of the party until a mighty horn blasted, and the giants kidnapped half the group. Aerial reconnaissance provided them with the information that the giants were moving way to fast for the party to do much about it. So they continued north.
When they arrived at Styin, they found it not heavily populated, nor the boats they harbored particularly guarded. So they stole a boat. Lack of seamanship, however, soon got the best of them, and the boat ran aground in the northern bay. A short swim later, they were on dry land, and a couple days travel left them on the banks of the Mons Channel. With some aquatic shapeshifting, they successfully traveled the water and landed on the southern side of Mons Mount.
Meanwhile, Villtur Galdur, Urlan, and Hurghan Naddai found themselves trapped inside some rebar reinforced crates and sailing along, judging by the movements. Once unloaded at the docks of No Name Port, Villtur exploded his crate and the others, accidentaly killing one frail gangly being.
The main group had also found No Name Port, and visited the Shadowfax Pub to find some answers. Villtur, Urlan and Hurghan found them at the pub, and almost immediately started a fight with a group of duergar dwarves seated nearby. Slade siezed the opportunity to go after the till, but the bartender was too quick for him. Soon enough, though, the dwarves were set to sleep, and slade freed, and they all booted out of town as quickly as they had come in.



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