5e1965 recap

brief summary of previous sessions

Opening in an underground prison where the crew is kept, but strangers to each other. After some unsuccessful attempts at escape (and a broken wrist on Hurghan Naddai ) a stylish rakshasa leads them to an arena where they were to fight several orcs in an effort in impress lord Fueguarie. Impress they did, and were rewarded with their own army regiment and a free trip to Darithon, to invade a holdout town called Nisset.
Once they got through, the mayor was found in local bar after surrender was called, and the group decided to get the hell out of dodge. They headed southeast towards the city Thon. They went through the woods, and once they reached the southern end of the mountains, they ran into some problems with some goblins. They were not difficult to dispatch, and during the overnight, Hurghan Naddai caught a kobold, slave to a goblin squad.
His name was Syssyphus, and became the groups pet, for lack of a better term.



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