floir 16 1965

With the tube complete, Baluch the dwarf sent the party on their way, with a message for the wizard: “now we’re even.” They followed the map to the Atef mountaintop where they emerged from the portal created by the wizard, and when the portal scroll was read, the blue doorway appeared. The first several to go through it found themselves in some bizzarre plane consisting of a large rectangle floating in space encompassed by torches and foreign flags. It seemed they were to participate in a tournament, and the fire elementals came and fought them through several rounds; then, as sudden as they appeared, they dissappeared, and found themselves on the same mountaintop they left, only in the shadow realm.
There they found (matt), a traveler who had found himself trapped in the shadow realm, and the group brought him along. When the map was once again consulted, it was discovered they were on a different quest, this time for some rings to fit over the tube Baluch and company created. On the map was “Flans Refinery” and an “x” over the island of mons mount.
On their way to the northern city of Styin, they encountered a group of hill giants, who proceeded to beat the crap out of the party until a mighty horn blasted, and the giants kidnapped half the group. Aerial reconnaissance provided them with the information that the giants were moving way to fast for the party to do much about it. So they continued north.
When they arrived at Styin, they found it not heavily populated, nor the boats they harbored particularly guarded. So they stole a boat. Lack of seamanship, however, soon got the best of them, and the boat ran aground in the northern bay. A short swim later, they were on dry land, and a couple days travel left them on the banks of the Mons Channel. With some aquatic shapeshifting, they successfully traveled the water and landed on the southern side of Mons Mount.
Meanwhile, Villtur Galdur, Urlan, and Hurghan Naddai found themselves trapped inside some rebar reinforced crates and sailing along, judging by the movements. Once unloaded at the docks of No Name Port, Villtur exploded his crate and the others, accidentaly killing one frail gangly being.
The main group had also found No Name Port, and visited the Shadowfax Pub to find some answers. Villtur, Urlan and Hurghan found them at the pub, and almost immediately started a fight with a group of duergar dwarves seated nearby. Slade siezed the opportunity to go after the till, but the bartender was too quick for him. Soon enough, though, the dwarves were set to sleep, and slade freed, and they all booted out of town as quickly as they had come in.

7 Mos 1019

After teleporting to the port town of Maggini to begin the protection watch, Quinndo Boppins did some light shopping. dissappointed by the lack of magical items in town, further dissappointed by the news of the town’s resident wizard having died recently and all his goods repossessed by the giovernment or under guard.
They had run into the main shipman of the ws wizgift, where quinndo gave instructions to buy the materials needed to make molotov cocktails, and plans to meet that evening. A few drinks later, the group went to the Wizgift, only to find out most of the neccessary items were not in stock. In the meantime, they sailed for a day doing some fishing. When they returned to port, they find the town of Maggini torn apart and desolate.
After a futile search for surivors or refugees, they decide to go to amprgens to find the orcs and make them accountable somehow. Once they land and stakeout the town, its plain enough to see the orcs were looking to move out en masse. After learning this, it was decided they would put together a trap comprised of a log that would swing down, taking out as many orcs as possible. after all, orcs must die.
Once the Orc troupe came along, the trap worked exactly as expected, taking out quite a few, leaving a dozen for the crew to deal with. Battered, bruised, and in one case, unconcious, (Harran) they stood victorious.
After relieving the recently passed orcs of their belongings and all the stuff in their carriage (full of all typical army needs) they reset the trap with a trip line and headed off to find a camp about a half mile south of the road.

2 mos 1019
orcs must die

After having arrested a young orc seperated from its tribe, King Eldreth takes him in for intterrogation. the following morning. the party is awakened to meet with the king. They were informed about the port town housing the majority of the orcs supplies coming into the lan. The mission was to knock the ports out somehow or another. Druina only requested healing potions and explosives. rewarded with three canisters… red white and blue. A quick teleport later, they were half a day travel south of Amper’gens. After scouting out the ports and the town, it was decided that a fire would be set. A big fire. A fire that would set the forest ablaze. And burning letters in oil that say “orcs must die.”

With the fire set and in action, they headed towards the docks, keeping a distant eye until they were clear of people, many of them carrying buckets of water towards Amper’gens. The group then set up torches along the sides of the path, five to each side (an attempt to distract whoever might notice them in the woods), and made haste towards the docks. With a well timed ride of the dire wolves, the three bombs provided to the group went off as they ran through the woods as hard as they could. After a couple miles, a fog crept in, until the wolves were forced to stop running. The king and his wizard assistant appeared as the fog swept quickly away. They were in a courtyard of the Wah-Ti’cah castle. King Ehthelred requested their prense for dinner, where he revealed the plan to send them to Maggini to watch on expected incoming orcs troops before they arrive. Then a giant party was held, with much imported rum.

floir 11 1965

Three days after the goblins join up, the group is presented with a scroll delivered by the mayor’s herald, who then promptly left.
The scroll contained a map to a cave and instructions that they are looking for something to aid in the war against the elementalss. The item will be known when found, and the group promptly heads out to find it.
Upon approaching the cave, vegetation and wildlife become dead or non existent as the opening sits ominously at the bottom of a sheer cliff. The cave inside lasted a couple hundred feet to a door, which opened up to a cave containing very old living quarters. Even the wolf couldn’t’t smell any life nearby or recent. Upon examination of the bookshelves, Xer’Ciah Niolos III discovered an opening that spiraled about three miles into the ground before finally opening up to a room containing an altar lit up by unknown means. The entire place was dripping in magic and it was decided some research into the magical books should shed some light on how to proceed. After spending the night researching the books, they carefully performed the ritual, producing many skeleton guardians, to which the group layed the smackdown to. Once they were dealt with, a black flame appeared above the altar, and the group brought the flame back to the mayor.
The next day, the mayor called the group together again, this time in the company of a mysterious wizard. The wizard explains about the lost dwarven tribe of Atef, and how they are the only ones capable of creating an eight inch diameter forged iron tube that will become necessary. The contact they are looking for is Baluch the dwarf, located on the northern shore of the northernmost lake of Atef, and the wizard also warned them not to drink the ale. The tube would take two days to forge, and in the meantime, the dwarves offer up hospitality they had not offered in centuries, but only out of respect for the wizard.

Thon Defense
... and making friends?
After reaching the city of Thon and a decent discussion with the mayor at The Tipsy Tavern, the group found themselves atop the city walls helping the guard fend off a goblin invasion. Only a couple made it all the way to the top and over the walls, but never made it much further than that. The siege only lasted five minutes or so, as hoards of orcs made their way around the castle in defense of the capital city. A strange treaty had been made between the mayor and the orcs, but it seemed to work. The day after the goblin siege, the mayor informed the group that it had been decided by a group decision involving the orcs and the mayors council that the group would best serve the interests of all involved if they brought Syssyphus the kobold back to the goblins in an attempt to make nice and become friendly. The group agreed to go, but not with the methods. After walking up to the front gate of the goblin city and demanding audience with the leader, the group explained the the head goblin the advantages behind fighting against the elemental instead of being on their payroll. The goblin’s main source of contention was how much gold was involved. The group tried in vain, and returned to Thon to begin plans on how to invade the goblin city. Wasn’t quite neccessary, though seeing how something Xer’Ciah Niolos III must’ve sunk in as the whole of the goblin army showed up in the middle of the night waving their white flags. And then there was shopping (Hurghan Naddai needed new shoes)
5e1965 recap
brief summary of previous sessions

Opening in an underground prison where the crew is kept, but strangers to each other. After some unsuccessful attempts at escape (and a broken wrist on Hurghan Naddai ) a stylish rakshasa leads them to an arena where they were to fight several orcs in an effort in impress lord Fueguarie. Impress they did, and were rewarded with their own army regiment and a free trip to Darithon, to invade a holdout town called Nisset.
Once they got through, the mayor was found in local bar after surrender was called, and the group decided to get the hell out of dodge. They headed southeast towards the city Thon. They went through the woods, and once they reached the southern end of the mountains, they ran into some problems with some goblins. They were not difficult to dispatch, and during the overnight, Hurghan Naddai caught a kobold, slave to a goblin squad.
His name was Syssyphus, and became the groups pet, for lack of a better term.

1018 era
Journey back to the King
In this campaign we find the small group of Harran, Quinndo Boppins, Druina, and Ti’Ral. The game has been in session for about a year and a half. The long histroy short, Harran and Druina began causing mischief among some of the smaller towns, and King Ethelred personally assigned Ti’ral to the pair (hoping to keep them in check) while investigating the roaming bands of orcs across the countryside. Their journeys brought them to meet Quinndo, and to the land of Darithon, hoping to become “bounty hunters”. There they took a job from a man named Burril who then doublecrossed them and began hunting them. The group recently returned to the land of Wah-Ti’cah to meet with King Ethelred again, hoping to remain hidden from Burril. Once they reached the crossroads, they were met upon by a roadblock consisting of many orcs…. A resounding screech from the surrounding woods sent the orcs into retreat for unknown reason. After getting past the heavily guarded gated of the capital city, the group made their way the The Teak Inn Tavern, where they met the new bartender, Nya’lar, an older red dragonborn. After a few shots of the house special “rum” they make their way to the castle to meet the king.

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